Sunn – Terra - Therm®

The System Sunn-Terra-Therm® is round all year in a position residential buildings, but especially for older buildings with stored solar energy thermally, to supply and electrical requirements.

The Sunn-Terra-Therm® store must not be placed compulsorily under the floor panel from the building. It can be in the driveway, be built as needed a small footprint – on the meadow, in the front garden.

A overbuilding is not a problem, whether pavement in the driveway, meadow or shrubs.

The building materials are used absolutely organic. Volume of soil excavated is in form of “liquid soil” is integrated with all required functionality. That is the area has to be to measure the same properties as before.

Corresponding required insulation materials carried with foam glass gravel.

We manage this with smallest space conditions.

The sun’s heat is stored on hybrid collectors in the Sunn-Terra-Therm®. It makes no difference whether the south-, west- or east roof surface is available. The best is from everyone.

The economical, but highly important side effect, is the parallel power supply to thermal power.

The failures and loss of efficiency traditional photovoltaic modules, overheating of resulted by the power of our Sunn-Terra-Therm® are excluded. A heat stagnation of side the collectors likewise can not place.

The quintessence from this, we are using of each temperature range of the sun, so also the important the winter-sun temperatures. At cooling the collectors, we receive at least 40% more electrical power.

Energy efficiency by refrigerated hybrid pv modules.

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