The German Geo Construction GmbH supports the innovation for the storage of renewable energies. We are a partner company from Hoffmann engineering office.

Foam glass combines all features of a modern insulation material. Foam glass is heat-insulating; sound-absorbing and adequate for the loud application. This material is ideal in applications under foundation slabs and acting as pontoon lightweight building material in marsh and wetland areas, the road and rail construction. With the sound absorbing in combination with other building materials in the traffic space foam glass is the ideal complement.


We, from the German Geo Construction, are speaking about this ecologically sustainable foam glass geoglass®. Convince yourself on our website from this thermal insulation. Because of its properties geoglass® is not only as thermal insulation material, but also finds many uses in the field of construction.


The load-deflection of foam glass gravel in the Sunn-Terra-Therm® heat storage in the soil

The completely new storage technology of Sunn-Terra-Therm® uses geoglass® for thermal insulation. With geoglass®, the insulation effect can be achieved with maximum efficiency the highest possible level.

The application of geoglass® technology enables the storage of Sunn-Terra-Therm® heat storage be used in almost every capacity.

geoglass®  with its properties: rot-proof, heat insulated, sound-absorbing and at the same makes the an ideal load application Sunn-Terra-Therm® heat storage installed almost anywhere.


With geoglass® insulated Sunn-Terra-Therm® heat storage can be same time directly used as insulation under the foundation slab.

Further fields of applications of geoglass® you can see:


As an innovation the insulating materials development today is the foam glass.

geoglass® - gravel, the best cost-effective load-deflection insulation in the ground soil.