If she installed once, she collects energy seemingly out of nothing –

                                                                 The "heat pump"


In modernizing of existing buildings, a subsequent installation of heat pumps helps to reduce the energy needs massively.

Heat pumps provide power for heating buildings by lifting relatively cool ambient heat from the ground, water or air to a usable temperature level.



       Heat sources                         heat pump                     thermal distribution


With the Sunn-Terra-Therm ® storage technology and the use of specified highly efficient heat pumps, the high constant temperature from the

Sunn-Terra-Therm ® to be available; we can to make available energy requirement in the low temperature range as well as for buildings with conventional facilities.

With the continuous provision of a source temperature of about 15 °C above of natural sources extraction achieve a high efficiency of heat pumps and seasonal performance factors of over 10.

The basis of a long life of the heat pumps supply operated with heat is the provision of a constant source of high temperatures.

So will be continuous the maturities of heat pumps reaches and thus reduces the switching frequency of said heat pump significantly.

This reduces running costs, in combination with the highest possible provision electrical energy of the hybrid panels.